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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dew!

It's September 19, and you know what that means...

IT'S INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!! Which means that after this sentence, anything I post today will be in an incoherent pirate style, like this!

Yarrrr, and a merry Pirate Day to all ye swashbucklers! Here be one of me favorite pirate songs!

Bless ye Rottenbeard, ye schemin' bastard.

I Can Still Spell....Can't I?

For no reason, the World's Deadliest Joke has popped into my head. You know, the one from the first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Let's see if I have it downpat:

Wenn istdas Nunstruck get und Slotermayer?
Ja! Baiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

Is that correct? Anyone? Hello? Bueller?


This weekend is set to be full of awesome. For some time my family has been planning on visiting my younger brother, who lives in Madison. The plan was to spend the night at his place and attend a Badgers game on Saturday.

As it turned out, not only will we be attending the Wisconsin/San Diego St. game, but on Friday we'll be heading to Milwaukee to take in the Brewers. They're playing the Cubs...and Carlos Zambrano, who my mother hates with a passion. That should be interesting.

From what I have gleaned, it's going to be almost like a convoy to Little Bro's house. My parents and myself, my eldest nephew, Older Bro, his girlfriend and their daughter (girlfriend's mom will be babysitting their other child), and possibly my sister. If it weren't for the fact that my brother resides in Madison and there's a glut of people in homes on Badger weekends (mostly drinking), we'd probably violate the housing code.

I shall bring my camera and see if the views from either game are good enough to merit some photo-taking.

The Man From....KORN?!?


Recently to cure my Sunday night boredom I have been watching reruns of Hee Haw on RFD-TV. I guess that since I live in one of the more rednecky counties in the Eat Cheese or Die State, and am also a frequent listener of the nearest country station, watching Hee Haw at least once is a requirement.

Anyways, out of curiosity I decided to do a Wikipedia search on some of the lesser-know (to me, at least) cast members. Here's where my entry title comes into play.

Whilst reading up on Don Harron, aka Charlie Farquharson (and no, I only had to memorize the last name once) the news reporter for KORN, I was gobsmacked to discover that he appeared in another classic show I've only gotten into for the past year. Ol' Charlie, it turned out, was one of the more memorable one-shot agents from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.(!), playing Australian Kitt Kittredge in "The Four Steps Affair." I almost fell over in a combination of shock and awesome.

To whit, here's Kitt. And here's Charlie.

Honestly, the possibilites here are endless. If one doesn't consider The Spy With My Face (the film version in which Kittredge is killed to death) to be canon, then you could have some bizarro AU scenario where Kitt is told to infiltrate Kornfield Kounty as a hokey reporter in order to flush out some THRUSHies. There always was something fishy about Junior Samples' car lot...BR-549 was obviously a THRUSH code. And don't get me started on Grandpa and his supper....mind control if you ask me!

Yeah, I think that five hours of sleep last night is beginning to mess with me.


Writer's Block: Be true to your school

How do you feel about public versus private schooling?

I spent pretty much my entire childhood, kindergarten through eighth grade, at a Catholic school. Yes, in a town of about 3,900 there was a Catholic school. No, there were no nuns with rulers, no school uniforms, or hours of prayers. We had a weekly Mass to attend, and our religion class each day, but other than that you could consider it the same as a public school. Keep in mind that with only one class each, you grow up with pretty much the same group, attend the same classes and go on field trips together until high school.

I look back on my Catholic school years with some fondness. Yes, I had issues with self-esteem since I was kind of the outcast-type, but I had many good memories. I was the diocesan champion at spelling in middle school. I sucked at math, but if you went up against me in a spelling bee, you were going to go down. 

High school was quite different, especially since our little group would inevitably go separate ways with different classes and electives. It would have been massively hard to survive freshman year had it not  been for my older brother being in essence the BMOC.

Having had a taste of both public and private schooling, I really don't have a certain preference. I wonder sometimes how my parents, both with factory jobs, were able to put four of us through nine years each of private school. I guess that's where He and His Mysterious Ways come into play.

I have been reading the updates and such, and on my friends page as well concerning the recent "cross-post" feature LJ has implemented.

I has a Facespace, but do I want to read what I rant and ramble on about here on said Facespace? Not really.

So if you do stumble across my LJ via anything and actually find anything here worth a darn about, pleeeeeeeease don't cross-post to FB or Twitter.


The "Srsly, Me Needz a Life" Affair


I have spent way too much time this week watching Botchamania videos on YouTube. That shit is hilariously awful, yet the soundtracks are worth it. It also reminds me I have to watch the Macho Man DVD set I purchased last summer. Ooooh Yeahhhhhh!

Oh, and now I want some apple pie. Damn you, crappy WCW promo writers!



Right now I'm trying to enjoy the Brewers game...I'm sick and fraggin' tired of these one or two run leads! C'mon Crew!!

Also, I'm saving money for a sports twofer in September. Brewers on the 10th, Badgers on the 11th. It shall be full of win.


At least for the Badgers.




Oh my God, I can post! There's no ad where the typing box should be! There's no ad that's so ridiculously long it takes half a day to scroll to the start of my Peeps page! For the first time in months, I CAN POST CRAP TO MY LJ!

*starts weeping*



Holy buckets, it's been ages. Had to use Semagic for this but for a short while, Encyclopedia Hemohtica lives.

The problem is, ever since LJ had their big upgrade, I can't post crap. Comments, yes, but I can't make posts. I can't even access my inbox!! I get that little sign in the corner that says there's a script error. All the other interweb sites I read work just fine, it's just LJ that's wonky. That kind of sucks. Even on Firefox, even on a new computer it's still the same. I wish I was a bit more tech-savvy so I could fix the script error.

Anyhoo, enough bitching about that. I'll have to post a little something later this week when I'm less sleepy.