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Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun

As I type this, ten minutes remain in 2010.

So now I actually take the time to look back at the kind of year I had.
To be honest, it wasn't much. There weren't any major life-changing events, other than the news that my sister will have her fourth child in July 2011.

Sports wise, I attended my first major collegiate hockey game, the Wisconsin/Michigan game played at Camp Randall. Despite being surrounded by two rows of drunken Michiganders who did not shut up during the game, Bucky prevailed as he should.

I went to my first Brewers game since 2007. That was a rubbish game.
I went to my second Badgers football game. That was awesome, especially the look on my three-year-old niece's face when "Jump Around" started.

TV wise, NCIS, South Park, & Top Gear were full of epic win, as always. Top Chef DC, not so much. The all-star season is showing some promise though.

Other than that, it was just another normal year. I can't guarantee whether 2011 will be better or worse, but darned if I'll not try to enjoy the ride.